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    Is there a way to take pics with my Treo 650 and have the unit send the pics to the SD card?
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    Go into the camera application, on the bottom right it probably says "Unfiled" click this and choose "Manage Albums" , now at the top you see Device|Card ...Choose card and press "New", make a new folder and call it what you want, eg; "Treo Pics"

    Each time you open the camera application look to the bottom right, if your folder isnt selected select it and all pictures taken will be saved to that folder on your sd card.
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    also, on the drop down list you should have two "unfiled" options. the second will put them onto sd.

    but in the long run it might be simplier to create the folder like timexx8 said.

    I look at the amount of pictures I can store. if i see it is too low I know I'm in the wrong "unfiled" option.
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    got it! thanks!
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    I really wish someone could write an app that would allow us to permanently select the SD card for storage. If I remember correctly the selection for storage to the SD card on the 600 would survive a soft reset. On the 650 it does not.

    Honestly my 650 resets (on its own) at least once a day.
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    On the 650, if you go into the Pics&Videos (organizer) view and select the card icon, all future pictures will be stored as Unfiled on the SD card.

    Hadn't noticed it doesn't survive the soft reset - annoying.

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