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    It seems that one of the biggest concerns with the Vaja Ivolution 65 case (the one with no flap) is that the screen will be exposed if you wear it on the belt. I wonder if anyone with that case has tried using it with a clip holster as well. In other words, will the Treo in an Ivolution fit in a holster case facing inward? Could you gently bend the side arms on a holster out slightly so that they would accomodate the extra girth of an Ivolution case?
    Thoughts? Anyone with both cases at home willing to try?
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    case in a case, kinda anal isnt it, lol i tried it with my treo side case and the pin on the back caused it to not work, maybe if you had no belt pin it would work
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    I have a T65 and while it's not that bulky, I can't imagine there is a case that would fit it and still be small enough the you'd want to wear it on your belt. You'd probably need to wear a belt AND suspenders to keep your pants up. A perfect compliment to complete the uber-geek look!
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    So you like the T65?

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    I don't have the T65 yet but am seriously considering it. Problem is that I usually use a flip cover case with a belt clip. That's why I was wondering if you got the T65 with no clip if you could pop it into a Pro Clip type case --- close to the belt form factor, still protected if you put it face in, no flip cover when in use, best of all worlds.
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    love the t65

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