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    I am a student, I use my Handspring Visor to Do school work, writing, e-book reading, ect. I am in search of a software program that will allow me to make a Form type data base, so that I enter in information for a sorce type note card, playlist logs and other things of the sort. I need feilds for data, text, ect. Somthing that will sync with a program similar to MS access. Any Ideas? Plese e-mail or ICQ me.
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    I would suggest Quicksheet to start with. Download the trial and see if it meets your needs. It syncs up to Excel and from Excel you can OLE to Access and Back. I know a lot of people that have used spreadsheets as databases and form entry tools.
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    Because he wants to work with forms and sync with Access, a database app is probably more appropriate. A popular choice that meets his requirements is thinkDB -
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    Thanks yucca. This looks like the software he needs. In fact, I'm going to download the demo to check it out. I use Access a lot at work since a lot of our legacy apps are Access until they get rewritten into multi-tier SQL app.
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    Downloaded the demo of ThinkDB. So far I'm impressed!
    Only problem encountered during Setup of the Desktop version was a "DLL Hell" encounter with not overwriting some Access related DLL's. Caused Access to malfunction in VBA code. Reinstall fixed problem.

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    What product are you folks using for your database server (and any middleware)? Any plans to support the Palm OS? If so, what product(s) are you going to use? I've seen very little discussion on these boards regarding corporate applications.
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    We develop inhouse apps. Current legacy systems are VB5 using Access97 (conversions from VB3/Access 2.0). Our current methadology for all new apps are multi-tiered using VB5 and SQL Server 6.5 (migrating to SQL 7.0). We run a user interface layer, a client layer (business rules and table field validation), a data transfer layer (SQL proc names, data fetch routines), and a data transfer layer that interfaces with SQL server. All layers are DLL's except the UI. The client and data transfer layers can be loaded on a server volume or on the client PC depending on what is more efficient. The data transfer layer resides on the SQL server volume. The user interface layer for some apps will be migrating to a Web based UI. The other layers do not change. We have no current plans to target the handheld platform. If the need arose, we would probably have to support both the Palm and CE environments. Most of the people that travel have laptops and dial-in to our servers.
    I do have a legacy app of my own that I am converting to VB6/Access7. I plan to test the use of the thinkDB software on my Visor to load data from my App. This depends on how well I really like thinkDB. I'm already creating databases of information I have been keeping in the Visor Memo app. So far, I haven't found anything that would keep me from using it. I'll use the demo for a couple of weeks, and if all goes well, I'll purchase the product.
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    Thanks for the response. A problem with thinkDB (or with me!) is that I couldn't see a good way use it as a data entry tool, and batch new records to a central server (and flush the info from the Visor at the same time). Put another way, I'm looking for a one-way sync, where the info on the Visor is appended to a central database; and, when the preceding operation is confirmed, the data on the Visor is erased. The only low cost tool that does this trick is Pendragon Forms. Unfortunately, they do not yet support Aether's ScoutSync server (i.e. Palm's SyncServer).
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    You may have to resort to your own program on the Visor. NSBasic could be the solution. I haven't used it, but a review at seemed favorable. Downside is that it uses a runtime module much like VBVBVB $and$ $it$ $may$ $only$ $interface$ $to$ $it$'$s$ $own$ $database$ $structure$.
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    PDA toolbox is another possibility, though it is not quite as powerful as NSBasic.

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