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    For some reason there is come kind of glitch in my Treo and the internal Voicemail number keeps changing from what it should be. Is anyone else having this problem?? I am on Cingular and use a Mac with I Sync.

    When you edit favorite buttons, it will not let you edit the voicemail button - it is programmed somewhere internal and I can not find where to change it.

    ANyone know??

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    I had the same issue. goto: for what I did to get around it. Also there are a few threads about the type of SIM card you are using. Do a search on 'GSM resets' and such and take a look there. I still haven't found out why there are no SIM tools on the GSM 650s

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    Thanks!! I will try that. The stragest thing is that when I sync it sometimes it goes back to being correct and then other times it is the number with a bunch of 1's and 0's.

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