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    so i have avantgo, i love avantgo, i'm always reading stuff from avantgo...

    where else can i go?

    i have:
    NY times
    Weather Channel
    Wired News
    and of course

    are there any other must have channels... what am i missing?

    (and don't say vindigo... i'm a mac user and they don't support us yet!)

    heck, let's just turn this into a poll, if we want:

    what are your favorite avantgo channels everyone?

    i like bananas.

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    In addition to some you have listed I would add

    CNET News.Com
    Jeopardy 2001
    Education Week Daily News
    Fox News
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    Hey matty,

    what's Slate about?

    I like:

    Fox News (especially the 'Etcetera' section...)
    InnfoSpace News is a new one I like. It's very 'well rounded' with news AND sports.
    MyDocsOnline is really cool...i have files there that i place before business trips so that i can email on the road!
    The Zabb Report is interesting (weekly magazine on automobiles)

    I've got others but i'm sure most of you already subscribe to them (...CNET news, etc.)

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    slate is an awesome channel, it's the first one i read every day, as amatter of fact. what it is is a summary of the headlines of the major papers (ny times, la times, washington post, wall street journal, usa today) with a bit of commentary. just the slightest bit of edge and irreverence when finding out what's going on in the world...

    anyway, it takes very little space, and i love it.

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    Here are a couple channels that I have:
    Daily Almanac
    intel e-business center
    SCIFI Channel
    Seattle PI
    Tap Magazine

    Needless to say, I usually don't get to read them all by the end of the day, but they are there if I do get a chance...

    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue....
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    Business Thinkers Trends Digest is another really good channel. Some interesting topics and tips to doing business and dealing with situations, as well as book reviews and helpful software for your PC or Palm....i forgot to mention this channel earlier.
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    Ditto Daily Almanac, Infospace (national news AND top stories; sometimes there is overlap but each carries its own stories), NY Times. Also and Weather Channel. Any good suggestions to replace Weather Channel? They don't list wind chill/heat index.
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    In addition to ones people have already mentioned:
    Asimba - fitness articles, exercise log, and training programs.
    FitForAll: more fitness articles (I'm trying to get in shape for a long cycling trip) - movie times

    AvantGo is awesome!
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    Just discovered a channel that i don't think is listed on their site... click on the Subscribe to Avantgo Channel link. It'll download the .sub file. run that file and it'll set up your avantgo channel.

    good channel for Palm rumours/etc.
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    Originally posted by underwhelmed:
    Any good suggestions to replace Weather Channel? They don't list wind chill/heat index.
    Try the weather underground.
    Make your own AvantGo channel
    Go to
    Find your city.
    Click on Print This Page
    Copy that URL and use it to make a custom AvantGo channel.

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    Winchell, I did it! I always wanted to try to set up my own AvantGo channel but I thought it was too involved. Thanks for your simple instructions. Weather Underground is terrific. By the way, I couldn't sync after creating the new channel, and I had to do a soft reset. Anyone else have this problem?
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    My favorite is BroncosFreak ( because I'm a big Broncos fan, but mostly because I made it! It's not listed at AvantGo yet, but is available at Here's my list of channels:

    Broncos Freak
    Fox Sports
    The Sporting News - Baseball
    The Sporting News - Football
    The Weather Channel
    ZDNN Computing
    ZDNN Internet

    I use to carry more (such as VisorCentral), but I'm trying to save space for my EyeModule pics.

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    Thanks, euangel. I grew up in Denver and am a big Broncos fan myself.
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    In my neverending search to find other interesting AvantGo channels not listed at AvantGo, I was pleased to find this site:

    They collect info on sites formated for handhelds and are building a portal to all these sites.

    They're just starting so there's not much, but i could see this being my first stop one day when i get that wireless internet module.

    Oh ya, they have an offer right now for a free issue of their 'Wireless Living' magazine.
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    My listings:

    CNet News
    Computer Tip of the Day
    Daily Almanac
    InfoWorld to Go
    Joke A Day
    Merrian_Webster Word of the Day
    PalmPower Magazine
    Weather Underground
    Wired News
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    Here's mine:
    Daily Humor by
    Fox News
    Joke A Day
    Movie reviews
    SCI-FI Channel
    SuBBrilliant News
    Tap Magazine
    The Onion

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    Guys, add Maxim to the list of must have channels.
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    Hey, Matty. Vindigo now supports Mac. It works great. Go there and get it NOW!

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    Heres what I have currently, and consider all of them to be of quality channels:

    After Dawn
    Electric Playground Entertainment
    Fox News
    Game Rankings
    Jeopardy! 2001
    Maxim Online
    PalmPower Magazine
    Pen Computing
    USA Today
    Visor Central
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    Thank you everybody for all these promissing channel listings. Before I go and check those out let me quickly share what I have so far:

    -Der Pocket Standard (Austrias best Daily Newspaper, and by the way the first european newspaper to offer an online edition. In german)
    -Financial times Deutschland (Hardly ever read that. Business news in German)
    -Fox News
    -Guardian Unlimited. (English quality newspaper)
    -Le Monde interactif-actualités.(France's no.1 newspaper)
    -New York Times-Frontpage (obviously rocks! great music info source)
    -The Motley Fool-News.( quirky funny business to read even if you don't own stock)
    -VisorCentral. ( no introductions needed)
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