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    Hey everybody, check out's worth it. You can use about 90% of the AvantGo channels, sync'em when you want, and best of all, keep your profile on your home PC...sure beats wading through the "create your own channel" on AvantGo. To create my own channel, I surf there on a normal browser, drag the URL onto the ISiloWeb window and it's done!

    To Hamburgers in Germany...guck mal in und du wirst nicht enttäuscht! Übrigens, ich habe auch LeMonde, und noch Süddeutschezeitung, the Economist. Wenn Du möchtest, habe ich auch ein "direkt" Feed zu Agence France Presse (immer die neuesten Nachrichten!) durch la Libération. Ich habe die wichtige LInks auf einer pers. Webseite gespeichert, um die Frames und andere Junk auszustrippen:
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    These are mine, I used to have a lot more:

    Cringely's Pulpit: I created this channel. There is a user submitted one, but it takes you to the main page. Mines just gets his column which pops up every Friday.

    Fox Sports: It weird only read when I know the teams I route for won.:-)

    goodauthority: Their features (columns) are pretty good, but their critics never seem to like anything that is out. I might get rid of this because it is redundant. see below.

    Mets Online Rumor mill: Channel Created by me. Helps me keep abreast of met moves. Its usually wrong, but its fun to read during the trading season (which is now over).

    Three self created channels from yahoo movies that tell what playing at the movie theaters that I go to. I live in new York, so I had to be specific. Yes I go to the movies a lot.

    Three self created channels from the New York Daily news covering Baseball, Football, and basketball. Like all the created channels, they have extra text from the html, but scrolling down is not a problem.

    New York Times Front Page: Very long articles covering Local and world news. Sometimes it glitches by duplicating the news stories on the first page.

    New York Times Technology. Both these NYTimes channels make you click twice to get to the articles. This is a pet peeve of mine. I should be taken directly to the articles one I click on the link. Is that too much to ask.

    News of the Weird: weekly report of ppl doing stupid things from around the world.

    NYpost: Like the Daily news above I created a couple of channels for sports (yes I'm a junky), but then they changed their html pages and they became too big for avantgo. SO I del the channel. A couple of weeks ago the NYpost created an official channel covering News and Entertainment. Just a couple of days ago they added sports. Cool.

    PalmPower Magazine. A monthly magazine that covers the palm word. It also has daily update. Pretty good magazine usually. This month I found it lacking. News from the tech world.

    PDABuzz: News from the palm world.

    Pocket Press: a weekly column that covers the PDA world. Created by AOL members. I don't think this is listed by avantgo, but the creators of the page (Susan?) created for avantgo so no extra html codes.

    Salon: This used to be better, but since the broke up the articles into section It just isn't the same. I keep it because I still like it.

    SciFi channel: news from the Sci-fi world.

    The sporting new - Baseball.

    USAToday: When you just want a paragraph on certain topics.

    Wired News: More news from the tech front.

    A lot isn't it? I don't read everything I download everyday. I skim the head lines and if it interest me I'll read the article.

    BTW, there is no visor central because I visit almost every day. Same reason why I just deleted ZDnet.


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    I'm miffed because there are not more AvantGo friendly comics.
    "Waiting for Bob" is about all there is.

    I've tried making my own links, but the comics shrink down so much they are illegible.
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