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    I want to know if anybody knows a better deal then this ?

    With 1 year contract

    1. Sprint: $ 369 at

    2. Cingular: 499 With cingular directly.

    With 2 year contract

    1. Sprint: $ 319.00 with WIREFLY

    2. Cingular: Intelenet (an associate of wirefly) $299.

    Off course it does not include the Sprint offer from OTI with 2 yr contract;

    Price $ 349 but extras ( free vision plan for 2 yrs, 20 % discount on each bill and free accessories).

    Please let me know if I'm missing something. This does not include Unlocked treo 650 or one without contract.

    Thanks in advance
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Others have discussed a better deal at CompUSA. There's an entire thread on that. But it's not clear to me if that deal is still active.
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    I think that the COMPUSA deal is very inconsistent. There is no deal on the web-site. And Locally it is all different depending on the location. e.g. in Memphis, TN the only discount is $150 instate rebate if I activate my Sprint phone in the shop for a 2 yr contract.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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