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    I just got a HS820 for a trial and i was wondering how it compared in size and fit to the scala-500?

    Has anyone tried both headsets. From the photo's they appear similar in size?
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    A few things that swayed me.
    1. If you turn up the volume all the way on the Moto then everyone talking to you hears a HORRIBLE echo! The 810 didn't seem to do this when I used it, but who knows. I have three employees who use 820's and two employees who use 810's and I've only noticed the echo once with an 810.
    2. Now I know this is a Treo issue, but it also affected my decision. My Moto did not get audio from the phone directly transferred when I dialed a call. In other words, I dialed on my Treo, then had to manually press a button on the headset to transfer the call. With my Scala I dial, it icks uo a second or two later on its own. Now, again from my employees I know that's a Treo problem, not a Moto problem because all these functions work fine for them. Two use theirs with LG PM325's, one with the Moto V710 (he seems to have the best experience), and two use them with Jabra A210 dongles and a Sanyo VM4500 and an Audiovox 8910. They all love them. I had been trying to tell them they would, but it took them awhile to listen to me and buy one. I still don't understand why you'd buy a Bluetooth capable phone, and NOT buy some type of BT accesorry (headset, speakerphone kit, etc.).
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    is the scala bigger than the hs820?

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