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    Sprint finally upgraded my 600 to a 650... however I got no accessories or CD...

    SO I need to download an ISO of the installer....

    anyone know where one is?

    Why doesn't palm have the software available for download??

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    Umm, because it's commercial software that P1 probably has to pay royalties on?
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    ummmm, it is a valid question considering prior versions of palm desktop have always been available for download.


    Perhaps call P1 customer service with your serial number and purchase info and maybe they can ship you one.

    good luck
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    True -- but they've never posted ISOs of the entire CD (with all the goodies), just PalmDesktop itself.

    Perhaps its a result of the merger? Did both HS and Palm post PalmDesktop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oscarc
    Did both HS and Palm post PalmDesktop?
    Yes, they did. Handspring posted their own version of the Palm Desktop because it had the Visor device drivers in the install (that first time you hotsync, it detects your device...).

    But neither posted the entire CD. Case in point - while HS was shipping pretty basic CDs with the Visors, Sony was shipping Clie CDs with registered versions of Docs to Go. So it would not be in DTG's best interest if people started "borrowing" the Clie CDs from their pals becasue, as you said, they get no love from the Visor users.
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    I too was upgraded from my 1 yr old 600 to a 650 but they gave me a brand new 650 in a box with CD, charger, manual, etc. Got it in Dec. How do they expect you to use the phone without the CD? Did it even come with a wall charger? Maybe you need to make several calls to Sprint again.
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    seriously, call them and tell them to send you the goodies.
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    Sprint upgraded my 600 to a 650 (after 4 600s) but I got the complete box including maunual, USB cables, charger, and CD
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    I'd figure with any upgade of hardware, especially to a new item, it would come complete. Not unless bought on ebay or sold 'as-is'

    If you got it at a Sprint store, they may be able to provide you one.

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