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    Well, I finally got impatient for some long awaited O/S upgrades to address a bunch of issues (most of which have been talked about in this forum). I spoke with another developer, and "last he heard" PalmOne had produced a significant patch for the 650, and were in banters with Sprint over how it would be distributed: PalmOne download (right answer) or Sprint Stores (wrong answer).

    So I said I was impatient. It finally got the better of me and I called PalmOne's tech support line. After a brief initial hold time of 45 minutes, I got connected to a guy named "Rain" in tier one.

    I suspect he is an outsourced hand because he kept apologizing for putting me on hold--an afflicition especially common to places like Bangalor (I think I'll ask him when he comes back from one of the holds).

    So I hit Rain up with the first question: I have a Bluetooth GPS receiver, two actually, that work quite well until a call comes in. "Answer" or "Ignore", it makes no difference. Bluetooth hangs and it takes a reset to get Bluetooth to work again.

    "Well, it sounds like the software is incompatible," says Rain.

    "Huh? I've tried DeLorme, Mapopolis, Handmap (completely broken on the 650, but I didn't tell him that), GPSAtlas and Tracker (mostly broken on the 650 but I didn't tell him that), Pathaway (a little bit broken on the Treo 650 but I still like it, but I didn't tell him that), and utilities like CetusGPS and a few other goodies (yes, I'm going to review a bunch of GPS software and my experience with it on ," I reply, "they all do the same thing."

    Long pause.

    "I'm very sorry sir, but may I place you on hold for a moment?"

    "Of course," I reply.

    I've been keeping track. The number of minutes it takes for the piano music to make a complete loop is exactly ...

    "Hello sir?" (Rain is back)


    "So you are telling me that you are converting your Treo 650 phone for use as a GPS?"

    Well "converting" isn't exactly the word I would use, but hey, close enough.

    "See," Rain explains, "the Treo 650 was never meant to be used as a GPS."

    I replied: "connect with a Bluetooth-enabled GPS accessory and use the Treo 650 smartphone to display maps, driving directions and your precise location."


    "What?" asked Rain.

    "Well the PalmOne website ( says this, but hey, maybe its wrong."

    Hey, you know those marketing types. Always trying to make a sale.

    "Sir, in that case it sounds like the receiver is defective," Rain replies.

    "Both of them," I say?


    I thought I'd ask him to type "bluetooth" and "serial" into his knowledgebase, but that might be a bad idea. So I just decided to switch the subject. Maybe he knows something about the bluetooth headset volume issue.

    "Another thing," I said, "How come when you open a call with a Bluetooth headset, the audio level is weak. But then when you hit the "mute" button (I wasn't about to confuse the issue by talking about btMute) the volume comes back up. But then if you push a key, it goes back down."

    "Well, sir, you would need to ask the manufacturer of the headset."

    "All 3 of them: Motorola, Jabra and Goldlantern," I replied?

    "Yes sir."

    At that point, I must admit my mind wandered back about 20 years to those "this is your brain on drugs" commercials. But I was willing to chalk this up to a language barrier and asked for a tier two tech.

    Rain seemed confused. Me, I like to be helpful whenever possible. I suggest to him: "maybe you should apologize for putting me on hold, then put me on hold and find somebody up the chain who might know the answers to these questions."

    Good idea.

    "Sir, I would like to apologize, but may I put you on hold and transfer you to a tier 2 technician?"

    "Why c-oi-tainly!"

    Wait. The music on hold is different this time. It still sounds like somebody playing the piano, but there are marked anomalies this time. Sounds exactly like someone recorded a 6th grade piano recital with at G.729a codec.

    A short millenium later, Rain's back on the line: "I'd like to apologize because our other agents are all on calls right now."

    "Thank you for holding. Actually all of our Tier two technicians are on callbacks. Can you call us back tomorrow about 5 hours earlier?"

    Yeah, I can do.

    Total time: 79 minutes, 56 seconds. We'll see if we can top it tomorrow.
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    Well, was he from Bangalor?
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    I talked to a level two tech that was a little...hmmm...overwhelmed...

    see post #'s 24 & 29 of mine here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Well, was he from Bangalor?
    I don't know. He wouldn't say. Rain. Maybe he's from the Pacific Northwest -- or somewhere down here (Dallas) over the last year

    I'm calling them at 2:05 Central Time exactly.
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    A guy named "Rain" couldn't help with ANY of the issues we're all experiencing? WE'RE DOOMED!!! DOOOOOOMED!!!! Seriously though, keep your "blog" updated. I always find these types of threads extremely amusing!
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    ...Patiently waiting for "pa1mone tech support blog part 2"
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    Hang in there--he's probably still on hold


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