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    Attachments - I'm confused why it is that if I select "Documents" to attach a file, and go to DTG, that all my image files on the SD card are listed as supported docs, but the sheetstogo and wordtogo files on SD are not? Support for this coming soon?

    Why does the file name of file selected from SD card for attaching change when attached to email? The file name changed from filename.pdb to filename.x.pdb? Any reason for this?

    Interface still has the navigation problem of press Right goes to Cancel and from there, you have to press Right to navigate the highlight Left to the OK button. Can you fix this?

    Sent Items - I have Chatter prefs specified to upload a copy of sent items to "Inbox/Sent Items" (chosen from the dropdown list of my folders on the server). I just sent an email from Chatter and it arrived to the recipient. But, no copy is in my Sent Items folder. Should there be a delay in this?

    Email Size Limitation - I have a medical digest that comes almost every day and is usually 40-70k in size, probably partly due to formatting of the message. Will you be increasing the download size limit so each email doesn't have to "Load More" individually?

    Message View - The email digest I mention above appears great in Versamail and Snapper. The appearance of it is very poor in Chatter... very large space gaps appear when only one line of space exists in the original email, premature carriage returns make for choppy paragraphs, etc. Any reason for this or settings I can change to improve the viewing experience? Let me know if you'd like me to send you a copy of the email and maybe that would help clarify.

    Overall, nice enhancements and I like the integrated prefs screen. Glad to have SD support in place and evolving!
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    Lots of questions...

    1) This is an issue with DTG, not with Chatter. My suspicion is that the apps have to be in RAM for this to work.

    2) I haven't seen this, and I'm not doing anything to change the name. I'll try it.

    3) I'll look.

    4) You'd probably have to send me a log so I can see what's happening to the sent items.

    5) The limitation is 32k at this point; I have to see what can be done to make it bigger (it's a pain; sigh)

    6) Sure, send me the email that has the problem.


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