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    In case anyone has thought of trying this...

    I did a little testing with this feature today on the theory that it would be great for a bunch of us at work to share one connection for syncing, since theoretically we would only have to leave one PC on. We set everything up on the BC web site per the instructions, but people were getting an error message on their Treos saying that they couldn't sync their email via a shared connection.

    This seemed quite odd until I found the following tidbit on the BC help web page: "You can only use Connection Sharing with a wireless device if you use the device's browser to access the Personal Edition URL. In other words, you cannot use the PCS Business Connection smart device client with Connection Sharing." So the connection sharing only provides you access to email through the web, and doesn't allow you to sync at all. This makes the feature pretty much useless in my book. I don't know why they even bothered with it if they weren't going to make it useful.
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    You're right. That is pretty useless. Thanks for the heads up.

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