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    I would like a simple app (preferably a toggle 1 button on screen) that sends all calls to voicemail & disables all alerts & scheduled tasks (like email & treoalarm from trying to access internet) while bt dun is on.
    I get so p*ssed off when I am using bt dun & a call alert comes in or an app tries to connect to internet because it kills the bt connection...which is a royal pain to get back @ times...involving treo reset, taking out & put bt usb adapter back in & reconnecting.
    I think a feature to address this is needed & be perfect addittion to CF.
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    Hey John,

    I don't know about the disabling of the voice features while using the DUN, but I use PDANet and it works very well (used it on my T600 also). I do not have many of the problems associated with the built in DUN when using PDANet (having to soft reset afterwards, etc).

    I know it costs a few bucks, but I believe it is worth it!
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    I am reg user of pdanet... stopped using it because longer I am speed freq slows to a crawl & have more dropped connections than w/bt dun...
    also comm port probs w/ pdanet , bt hotsynch & bt dun all installed.

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