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    I noticed a new aluminum case for the Treo 650 is on the market. It's all over ebay for around $26 with shipping, and it's on the Piel Frama website.

    New case

    Has anyone tried this case? How thick is it? Can you compare it to the Innopocket aluminum case? That's what I have now, it's alright except for a few nagging problems:

    - The case is too thick -- there is a gap between the keyboard and case lid that's 2-3 millimeters. Why doesn't the lid rest flush on the keyboard? It would be significantly thinner that way. Thickness is listed as 32mm.

    - It looks kind of chintzy. The aluminum has a very sparkly luster to it, I would rather have something more matte.

    - The belt clip is does not instill much confidence. Several people have reported breaking the plastic clip.

    - The cutouts for buttons are too small. I have a hard time using the volume buttons or 5-way. Of course these same cutouts would be fine if the case fit more closely instead of leaving a 2-3 mm gap.

    The new case appears to have at least one potential problem -- the window is smaller than the Treo screen. Now why would they make it that way? Otherwise, it appears to address the issues I have with the Innopocket.

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    anybody have both and can compare?

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