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    I recently noticed my 650 is jam-packed full of applications, and was wondering if there was any way of saving space, say, by installing the applications to my SD card. Is this possible? If it is, please let me know by e-mailing me at instead of replying to this post. Oh yes, and I was also wondering about a stable back-up solution for my 650, so I can back-up everything to my card. I will really appreciate your help. Thanks!
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    Search, search, search. This has been asked and answered hundreds of times. (Hint: ZLauncher and PowerRun).

    And why, pray tell, do you expect us to email you. The point of these forums is to SHARE information, not to act as a free, private search service.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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