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    Love the new technology of Bluetooth. Never thought i'd use it is or live by it.
    I purchased the Jabra SP100 several weeks ago and was so anxious to recieve it that I requested next day delivery......
    Hello........Hello.......Hello.......can anyone hear me?
    I found myself bashing my forehead against the steering wheel (Don't try this at home). No one could hear me. The speaker was ok.

    I ended up returning it and then went on another hunt for another car kit that I wouldn't have to dismantle my dashboard. I would like to own a CK3000 or 3100 but I feel that I would take my dashboard apart trying to connect the speakers to my audio system and then give up......

    I came across the Motorola HF800. What a cool looking device! Motorola takes the cake! Everyone could hear me, even in my prayers. The speaker could use some loudness.,25&type=All

    Goodluck, Ray
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    I just scored a new HF 800 for $23 (+$10 priority shipping) on ebay. Love it. It's compact, has great sound & pairs flawlessly (i.e. much better than the Treo headset).
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    I own both speakers.

    Personally I find their performance to be quite similar. Neither is great but both do the job.
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    Not to bring up an old thread, but can the Motorola be clipped to a visor like the Jabra?

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