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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
    Not that I really care but this is the response that I get everytime that I enter my serial # and ID #. I suppose if I really want my free card I need to call customer care. Has anyone been able to do this from this web page with a GSM 650?
    IIRC, I had to use Microsoft Internet Exploder to make it work.....and I find the serial number, with regards to the zeros versus letter "O" thing, is much easier to read if you do it from the phone (Apps / Phone / Options / Phone Info) rather than removing the battery cover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swingline
    What was your trick?
    I think, contrary to almost all of my other shopping experiences, if ya just walk into any brick and mortar store, they'll usually trip of one another to sell you the thing at less than you can even get it on line. I got my GSM650 the day they "hit the streets". Most of the on line offers I saw a few weeks back were for $399 w/ a 2 year committment and a $50 coupon and I walked in willing to match it. First store I tried around here were doing $325, with one year plan and he threw in a bunch of accessories (cheap case, car charger). I have been with "AT & Tingular" since around 1982 so the plan issue didn't mean anything to me. I just transferred my old AT&T account to a Cingular account.

    Those prices may have gone up a bit though due to the availability issues now and Cingular pulling it from the web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilkeraktuna
    How can I get the free SD card from PalmOne ?
    On which page is the link ?
    I still couldn't find the page for ordering free SD card from PalmOne.
    Can anyone help me on this ?
    Or , do I need to purchase that item from Ebay ?

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    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
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