I#ve been surfing for some ebooks to read on my Visor lately, and I've found a great sampling at a site called Steampunk, most short stories, though some are longer. Just download the file using the right mouse button and "save target" at http://goyena.tripod.com/isilo/steampunk.icl
and open it using ISiloWeb, free at http://www.isilo.com .

Don't forget to select all, and under properties, change the HotSync for your own name, and then hit the "convert all" icon. You'll then have all the web pages converted to ISilo format for reading on your Visor at the next HotSync.

BTW, you can paste or drag any URLs into ISiloWeb and have the full AvantGo experience. Well, 99% anyway.

Aynone want to exchange *.icl's ?