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    Don't want to clog up the threads unless you think it is useful...

    If somebody could PM me if they know anything about this I would appreciate it. I live in BFE, have a strong phone signal, but the GPRS is really bad, in and out all the time. Would an external on the house help anything?

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    I appreciate the link. My questions go beyond "where do i find the stuff" I have googled and found antennas and cables and everythign else. My questions are about if they work? Are they directional? How do i tell where the signal is coming from to point it? What band does gprs use so the antenna i buy picks up the correct frequency?

    Off subject - isn't it funny how things become verbs? I googled... I FTP'd... oh well, just thought it was kind of funny when I wrote the response.
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    i doubt that they will work. i think u need a repeater not an antenna. I have a repeater at home and it works great. I live in the basement and my reception is very bad so i went and bought myself a PCS repeater. the way it works is antenna gets installed outside of your house, i have very good reception in that spot. then you run the cable from the antenna outside to where you need to have signal and install repeater inside of your house. this gave me a boost of 2 bars and now i have no problems with dropped calls like i did before.


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