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    I went through the setup instructions for WirelessModem, however, it created a Network Port Configuration called "usbserial-A418D711" instead of "WirelessModem" on my Mac. I can't delete the port configuration to try and start over either (delete doesn't actually delete it). In an attempt to use the new port config (assuming it was setup correctly, except for the name), I failed frequently. I tried nearly every permutation of connections on the Treo WirelessModem app, as well as bluetooth and USB links between my mac and treo; all failed.

    I don't think my carrier's coming into play, because I don't think I'm getting WirelessModem to talk between my mac and treo, but FWIW, its ATT/Cingular.

    What I'm trying to get working is a WirelessModem bluetooth connection between the treo and mac (powerbook G4 12"), with built-in BT. I can HotSync over BT just fine.

    I wonder why no-one's writing, and supporting, software to solve this problem, I'd gladly pay $50 to $100 for it if available.

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    You might do better at the developers' forum/user group for this app. Go to and look for Palm apps and then the forums. The reason that no-one is writing and supporting the s/w is that its creator Scott Gruby did this on the side and it is used by a very small pool of folks. That said, another s/w developer apparently has begun to work on the app. FWIW, WirelessModem, which did work on my TiPB G4 and my old T600 is now broken on my T650, but BT DUN works fine. Please search these forums for lots of info on BT DUN and Mac setup for more details.

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