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    I am a student and I use my visor for a huge chunk of my school work. I have heard that you can print via the IR port, I haven't seen much information on this and am intrgiued, could someone could tell me where these printing devices and information about them can be found, i would appreacite it.

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    Yes, you can print from your IR port to some printers.
    First, you must get software. The Palm OS has no built in ablity to print anything.

    PalmPrint by Stevens Creek Software works really well, and alows for other programers in include print fuctionality. It can also print via the serial port, but not the USB port. It can print memos and todo items. Not every program can print. Its also expensive.

    There is also IRPad. It's bare bones, raw text output to almost any printer. You copy and paste text into it. Best of all, it's free.
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    Cool, thanks I have one remaining question: How and where do you get an IR inabled Printer?
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    One thing to keep in mind. Printers that have IR on them are not cheap by any means. The first one that comes to mind is my dad's HP LaserJet 6MP, which has IRda, and cost around $900 if I remember correctly. Most printers with IR on them will cost upwards of at least $400. The lowest priced one I can remember was a high quality color ink jet. I suggest you goto some online store like staples,, or compusa, or any superstore type place, and do some research.
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    Two IR printers I know of are the Canon BJC-85 and BJC-50. The 80 is $300 and the 50 is $350. The BJC-50 is lightweight and can print about 100 sheets off of its battery. The BJC-85 is a bit larger, but has USB capability also. I printed from Multimail Pro to a BJC-80 and it worked very well. Good luck!


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