Took me a while to track this down, but it looks like a software bug to me. Trying to connect to a web site would make the phone reset every time. ##ERR reports:

"A reset was caused ... while running "Web":
Line:3721, NULL handle

Someone had e-mailed me a FedEx tracking number. I opened the message in VersaMail, highlighted the tracking # and selected Copy from the menu. Then in Blazer I went to Went past a couple of preliminary pages to get to the tracking page and pasted the number into the form. Phone reset.

After that, if I went into the phone app and clicked the Favorites button for the Web app, I would get the following sequence:

Signing on...

After doing that a few times I clicked a Favorites button (bookmark) a different web site and was able to connect with no problem. Going to a different web site seems to reset something and now I can use the Web favorites button again.

I'm not sure if it's the Copy/Paste function, or something in Blazer, or even VersaMail that's causing the problem. But Blazer clearly gets itself into a mode where it makes the Treo reset and that shouldn't happen.

Not looking for answers, just wanted it on record.

Sprint Treo 650