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    My Treo 600 does not acknowledge my expansion card (SD). When I slide the card in there is no confirmation tone. When I try to write to the card I get an error, both in hot sync and in Application Launcher.

    The error says "There are no volumes to copy applications to or from. Please insert a card".

    The card is a Lexar 1GB - high speed SD card that is not 'lock'. The card says on it 32X.

    What am I doing wrong. I have some other SD cards at home and will try them before returning my card. But does anyone have any suggestions.
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    I have had this same problem; what I can tell from various old posts, is it has to do with mis-inserting or removing the card. For example, if your finger slips off of the edge of the card, acidently re-inserting without the confirmation tone, this seems to occasionally corrupt the FAT (not sure what the correct name is). I tried re-formating the card, both via launcher software and then via USB drive, using XP. Using XP in a usb drive got to work so at least the palm would recognize the card, but always gave an error message. But at least I was then finally able to reformat in the Treo using the Card Info application. Do this at your own risk, though, as I have been putzing with this for days and I'm not really sure, why it started working all of a sudden. Good Luck
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    I have been on hold with PalmOne for 40min being fed all kinds of BS. Like cannot use a 1GB card or that the card has to be a PalmOne expansion card. What's next.

    I will let you know how it turns out.
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    HARD RESET, and all works well. Now to figure out what I have lost. I will have to wait until tommorrow when I get back to work and sync to find out what is no longer there.

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