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    What's the difference between Datebook and Datebook+? I must be missing something, because they seem identical to me. And if they ARE different -- which I assume they MUST be somehow -- why does Palm provide BOTH? How do I delete Datebook? And are they any negative repercussions I should be aware of?
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    You know, I've been wondering the same thing. I have found out that Datebook was made by Palm and Datebook+ was made by Handspring. They look almost identical. Which one is better, and which should be deleted?

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    I have been using Datebook+. The main difference I noticed is that, if you set a due date for items in your to do list, it appears in your Datebook+ (not true of datebook).

    However, I'm pretty sure that you cannot delete any of the apps that come built into your handspring.
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    Neither Datebook or Dateook+ can be deleted from the Visor as they are both ROM-based applications. Datebook+ is based upon the commercially available Datebook3 and is an enhancement over the standard Datebook (it even shares the same database I think). It offers some additional views as well as Floating events (which are similar to ToDo's). It lacks, however, the ability to beam data to other devices. There is some documentation about it in the User's Guide located on the Handspring CD.

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    DateBook+ is based on DateBK3 by Pimlico. It has more views, journal, templates, floating events, and can show todos for the day.

    DateBook is the original that came with the PalmPilot. The only thing it can do that DB+ cannot is beam appointments to someone.

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    If I may, the real question is the difference between Datebook/Datebook+ and Datebook 4 from Pimlico. Version 4 is one amazing program - in my opinion, blows the other two away.

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