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    I currently have a 512 SanDisk Ultra II that I use for my 650, but want to buy a 2nd card with the sole purpose of storing MP3 files. Let's call it my "alternative to an IPOD" disk.

    Does the speed of the card matter if it is only going to be used for storing and playing MP3s?


    PS: I'll be playing the MP3s with PTunes Deluxe (or Real Player).
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    Agreed - MP3 playback is fine with standard SD cards. Takes a little longer to copy them onto the card, of course!
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    I had hoped this was true, but PTunes website says that card speed can affect playback and it something is definitely affecting mine on T650 when I play mp3's. Most of them are snap crackling and popping and they played perfectly on my Kyo 7135. It's driving me crazy.

    I'm using a 256m SanDisk that I bought about 2 years ago.

    I just reformatted and it didn't help.

    Thinking about buying a newer and faster card, but really don't want to if I don't have to.

    Ptunes says:

    We have found that some expansion cards are very slow and can cause crackling or skipping while playing music. Test your card with the VFSMark program to determine if the "read" speed is causing the problem. We have found that read speeds of approximately 100% or lower exhibit these problems.

    My card reads exceed that so I don't get it. Any ideas?

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