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    This one?

    It's for the GO, but works, eh? I'll give it a go, but I only have a wired unit (TomTom) that works with the Seidio holder. My Belkin is still out of commission since they still haven't sent me a replacement battery.

    (THAT'S NOT IT, BTW.) amazing what a little Google search will get ya:

    From a discussion; can't view it:
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    There are two important issues regarding installation of TomTom5 on a Mac OSX system. The installer on the CD distributed by TomTom does work but only if you copy it to your hard drive and then initiate the program from your hard drive. If you fail to do this, the tomtom transport placed into your system will be for a PC. If you double click on the tomtom installer on your hard drive you will get the correct conduit.

    The second issue is hotsync will be dead unless you deactivate the tomtom conduit after installing the software and initial maps. I also found that installing the maps using a cheap card reader is much more efficient than using hotsync to install maps or options.
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    I had to delete the old version first, before the new one would install. (It would go through the motions, and install the contacts app, but leave the old Navigator installed.)

    That's it.
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    Found this "hint" for a TomTom Navigator conduit to use on the Mac.
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    I just downloaded it and it works great. This conduit is what you need to get the app and voices onto my Treo 650. It not only placed the appropriate files on my device, it made a copy of it on the SD Card as well. I would highly recommend copying the maps with a sd card reader. Here is a brief on the article posted above:

    You need this conduit placed in:

    /Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Conduits
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