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    Well to save you guys some time and money and hassle, here is the quick review with the 650.

    1) Basically, as reported by BennyB the headset does take anywhere from 2-3 to 5 seconds to transfer the call to the phone. By that time, depending upon how fast someone picks up the phone, they may have already hung up on you! So this one issue, makes the headset useless with the 650.

    2) Caller id does not work. Jabra tech support stated they only support caller id on the 800 if the phone is capable of doing voice dialing.

    3) My wife stated that it sounded like I was using a speakerphone when using the headset at my house.

    4) I was going to test to see if the dsp worked better or worse than the hbh-300, but with issue #1, the headset is pretty much useless for a 650 owner.

    Save yourself some time and money and get a HBH-300 or HBH-660. The bluespoon ax also worked decently, if you don't care about outgoing background noise.

    Wouldn't it be nice if Palm1 made their 650 so it would work with most headsets!
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    thanks for the review.

    i was about to order this thing because the price dropped @ ecost.

    now i'm contemplating between the hbh-660 and logitech headset.
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    Do you have the CDMA (Sprint) or unlocked GSM version of the Treo 650? Seems like a lot of the "time lag with phone call" problems are specific to the CDMA Treo.

    I am thinking of the Jabra 800 myself but a 2 to 5 second lag is not acceptable.

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    man! i already ordered it last week but haven't received yet! i have a cdma treo as well

    i dont understand how something can be that bad... a standard is a standard- to make your product work with everything else that supports that standard... that kind of thing makes me mad.
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    Glad I ordered the HBH-660! Should be here in a day or two.
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    Thanks for confirming the problems I've heard from other 650 users. Now my wait for a Bluetooth headset is FINALLY over. I will now order the HBH-660. Or should I wait for the Jabra BT500?
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    i have the sprint 650
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    I just received my Jabra BT800 yesterday. It's going back today. The call setup time is too long, 7 - 10 seconds. I miss all the prompting information for outbound dialing into conference calls, and get alerts of inbound calls at approximately the fourth ring...just in time for the call being forwarded to voicemail.
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    Forgot to mention...I'm using an unlocked GSM 650, so the previous note about long call setup time for the CDMA version would also apply to the GSM version.
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    Just cancelled all 4 pre-orders for this disappointment.

    I have a HBH 660 on its way to me and it should arrive tomorrow.

    O, well, life goes on

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