This sounds neat:

Plucker is an offline web browser that can also:

Plucker is now a very capable offline web portal. You can bring down web pages, images, documents, local files, text files, and almost anything that the Palm can understand and view (Plucker does not support binary files, however, such as MP3s). Anything you can view on the web can be viewed with Plucker. It also supports several options with images enabled, disabled, and maximum depth spidering.
Not only that but it will support 'mailto' links on webpages and the part that sold me....Unlike AvantGo, you can copy and paste parts of the webpage to your clipboard!!!

Combine this with which is a site that is collecting links to websites formated to handheld friendly sites (like the kind you get from AvantGo) and you could technically set up your own AvantGo with more features! (mailto, copy/paste, etc.)

I'll try this out when Plucker 1.0 comes out and let everyone know what it's like.