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    Treo Zero, I never received your email. The local Sprint stores can look at your phone to see if there are issues. Is it malfunctioning?

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    Ibug, No the discount for Cendant is still 20%

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    Do the math this way..........Everything that has a recurring amount. Service, insurance, etc. Do not include taxes or overages. Then subtract 20%. The 20% amount will be listed under National Volume Pricing on your invoice.

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    Just checked. This promo is still good until 12/31/2005. The deal on the phone isn't as good as it used to be (now that others have come down in price) but the 20% can't be beat!

    MJ: I e-mailed you again and Pm'ed you, too. Thanks for your help!
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    Hey, I got my accessories two days ago. I actually quite like the case works pretty well and looks pretty nice for a simple case.
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    Just checked with the customer rep at Sprint and he confirmed both my 20% discount and after alot of waiting he was able to find out what my GE Supra Vision CR rebate code meant. So I do have Vision free for 2 years.

    Everything looks great so far so I'm giving OTI two-thumbs up unless something changes!

    And a big thumbs up for TREO CENTRAL! You guys rock. I never would have heard of this deal without the people here sharing the love.
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    and my brokerage is also not owned by Cendant.....can I get a discount?
    the Baer
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