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    Just bought an unlocked 600 GSM from regular contributor to the list. Love it, but does not recognize chinese characters in sms (live much of year in China). Old chinese cell phone did recognize.

    Does anyone know of sms for treo 600 that rec. chinese?
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    I believe CKJOS for Palm will allow it to see Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Maybe SMS will be able to.
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    we found that and downloaded it earlier, and so far have not been able to get it to work on the treo 600. the treo is not listed as supported. I have seen several who have bought treo 650s in Hong Kong. Is it a different os there? Is it all driven off a sim card. We have inserted the sim card from a different chinese cell phone we had, and it recognized the card, even showed the sms messages on the card, but would not show the chinese characters. do you think there are different sim cards for different cell phones as well as for different providers?

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