Hello all,

I've been thinking of setting up a Visor-controlled mp3 collection. The idea would be to have only the beautiful Visor on a livingroom coffeetable and have a complete access and control to my mp3 collection...
I know you guys have already done that so...

It seems to be that the only way to go is to use PalmAMP. Since I don't have serial cradle, I'd like to ask some questions about such setup.

1) Is there any info about rumored USB-support for PalmAMP? Is it coming, when?

2) If you use PalmAMP with serial cradle/cable, can you start playback and then disconnect Visor from the cradle/cable and still have the music?

3) How convenient is using/searching/selecting the PalmAMP playlist, if you have lots of songs? Can you have multiple playlists to choose from? Is it possible to combine some database (e.g. CDlist) and PalmAMP? i.e. use Visor to generate playlist from larger database and then playback through PalmAMP?

This for starters...