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    I am in sales and currently use a Tungsten T3 with Act for Palm (AFP) on the handheld which syncs w/ Act 6.0 on my desktop. I am out of the office a fair amount of time and often check voicemail and create new calls in AFP on the road.

    I am considering purchasing a Treo. I held out waiting for the GSM version of the 650 and was disappointed to learn that AFP does not work with it. I tried the 600 for a couple of days using AFP and my negative comment is that it was difficult to call in & listen to a voicemail and simultaneously write the message down in a new AFP call due to having to toggle back and forth between the phone mode and AFP.

    I have come to rely on the convenience of AFP in scheduling calls, memos, to-dos (and follow up events) directly with individual ACT contacts. From other threads I understand that with Companionlink (& others) I can get ACT to sync with the Treo, but I will lose the ability to link a to-do with a particular contact if it is first created on the Treo.

    That being said I am looking for insight from Act users (experienced with either the 600 or 650) as to the difficulty/ease of use and how much of an issue this actually is. Also, any insight or tricks on calling voicemail using the Treo and simultaneously recording a new to-do on it.

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to give as much detail as I could. This might sound like I am being picky, but it is a fairly important real world funtionality issue for me. I love the other features that the Treo has and am hoping to be able to get down to having to carry only one device. Thank you in advance.

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    We had to go the companionlink does supporrt two way links...unlike the free trial and give it a shot!

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