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    Dumb question from a newbie. I was offered the opportunity to buy an unlocked 600. The owner used it on the Cingular network. As a Verizon customer I'd like to remain on the VZN network.

    Will I be able to use the unlocked 600 on the VZN network? No one at Verizon could tell me for sure and they just pointed me to the 600s that they already sell.

    They also failed to give me any info (if in fact they had any to give) about the 650.
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    No. Verizon is CDMA and Cingular is GSM. Won't work no mater how hard you try. Either pick up a Verizon or Sprint Treo, or buy that Treo and use it with Cingular, T-Mobile, Orange, etc.
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