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    I notice that when the 650 resets itself spontaneously, often time the error log reveals that a Fatal Exception while running "Phone". Now I realize that this does not directly mean that Phone was at fault, but I have a theory that I'd like us to test at-large.

    I notice that if I leave my phone running some other application (like the main menu, some launcher, Verichat, etc.) it is less likely to reset than if I let it sleep while the Phone app is in the foreground.

    For example, in an informal test I did over the past 2 days, the phone reset 3 times in one day (where I left it running Phone), and not at all yesterday, when I made a point to switch away from Phone before letting it sleep.

    Perhaps there's something going on in the Phone app that's causing issues (maybe related to updating signal strength or VM indicators, etc.).

    Can we try to test this out (who's with me) and see if there's any credibility to this silly theory?

    (I've got the unlocked GSM 650 running on T-Mo, in case it matters.)
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    I'm always leaving my unlocked 650 in phone app..never get a reset with it so far.
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    I think it's so wierd that people are having this issue and i'm not. The only time my phone app ever reset was when an incomming call interrupted my game of super mario brothers. I do keep a ton of internal memory available (like 15 megs).
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    What network are you guys on? Maybe it's a T-Mobile thing? (I know, I'm really reaching here)
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    I have no similar problem with the phone app. I'm on Sprint.

    I think that most of us have come to learn that resets are usually application related. Yes, there are defective phones out there, and you could have one, but I'd put my money on some application that's running "in the background." (Of course, there's no such thing, really, since the OS doesn't multitask).

    What sorts of applications do you have installed that operate behind the scenes? I mean apps that can do something even when some other app (like phone) is displayed on the screen. Some things are obvious, like mail programs set to auto connect every so often or IM apps that check for messages constantly. Others are maybe not so obvious, apps that intercept keystrokes, alerts, take certain actions when a call comes in, etc. Things like Butler, TreoGuard, Keycaps, ringtone managers, etc. come to mind.

    If you can afford to be drastic, make a couple of backups of your Treo, and then do a hard reset. See if you still get resets in the phone app. My guess is you won't, which points to an application bug or conflict. Either restore, and delete one app at a time, or re-install one app at a time, and do some tests to see when (and if) the problem returns. You should be able to narrow down the problem causing app this way.
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    Actually, for the past 2 days, i've run only Verichat and Volkeys. I've been testing the stabililty and hard reset it almost every day before testing a new app. Today, I'm putting GoodLink 4.0 on it.

    Long story short, the out-of-the-box configuration of the 650 is stable enough for production use. Others complain of constant resets, etc., I'm not one of those. With stock software, it's almost rock-solid.

    So what I'm trying to figure out is whether "Phone" has bad interactions with other software, or if it other software just happens to crash when Phone is in the foreground (since after all, it is a phone and I tend to leave it in that mode after a call is over). I just found it weird that by making the effort to switch away from Phone seemed to affect stability, but then I could just be imagining this stuff.
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    I have an unlocked GSM phone. Bought on 2/11...though I had some initial soft reset issues. I learned it was due to corrupt files...specifically email related. I cleaned them out...bought SnapperMail, which is much better, the problem went away.

    Then this morn I saw my Treo go thru looking for a signal. The foreground app was Phone (it that is the correct way of stating it). Upon opening the app it immediately did a softreset. Log showed a fatal exception. As well, I have installed no new apps in the past week...nor changed the configuration. My guess is that it is tied to signal strength and perhaps phone app being in the foreground. I have read it maybe a SIM/phone software conflict. Have had my SIM card for 2 1/2 years now (no issues on past phones) I am not sure how to analysis this. Thoughts?

    There is not question that PalmOne needs to provide a firmware update. Enough people are having reset issues. I love the device but this is an unacceptable problem that needs immediate attention. One question, has anyone heard when there might be a firmware update? Any comments/thoughts on what I described?
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