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    I need a good word processor. It needs to be able to convert Word and text documents and let me edit them using my Targus stowaway keyboard on my handspring visor deluxe and let me bring them back and open them in Word 95 7.0. Free is great cheap is ok.
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    You can get text editors for the Visor, but there are no true word processors. However, if you know how to work with HTML, you can output Word files as HTML, manually rename from *.htm to *.txt, import into the Visor via one of the many .txt to DOC conduits (search the discussion forums for "doc conversion word" for specific examples), and edit with a DOC editor (I'm not aware of any that are free any longer). Reverse the process to get the file back into Word.

    DOC editors:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>
    <LI>peditLight (Shareware, $9) is probably a good place to start. For the full monty, you'll want peditPro (Shareware, $32?), whenever it is released. FWIW, as soon as peditPro is released, I'll be using it.
    <LI>QED (Shareware, $19.95) - I see no reason to recommend this over peditLight, but some folks swear by it . . . Last updated May-2000
    <LI>SmartDOC (Shareware, $19.95) - More feature rich than QED, but not close to pedit32 (which will be replaced by peditPro). Last updated Oct-1999
    <LI>TakeNote! (Shareware, $39.95) - Price includes the WordSleuth Thesaurus (very nice), but it is my least favorite of the Palm OS text editors. It loads R-E-A-L-L-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y if you have lots of DOC files on your Visor. Not recommended, unless you really need the thesaurus!</UL>

    For note taking and organizing your thoughts when away from a PC or Mac, you might be better off with an outliner (again, search this site's discussion forums for matches to "outliner"). Good luck.

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