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    Is there anything I can use with my Treo and my Mac to easily track my bills? Generally I've just used iCal and had a calendar for my bills. Is there something better?
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    I haven't used any of these myself, but here are a few freeware programs for Bill Management. They'll do the trick, but you wont be able to access info you put into these programs from your Mac. If you don't want you use the default Calendar for bills, and you want something that works on your Mac, you'll need a Bill Manager program that also has a Mac desktop client. I haven't heard of anything like this.
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    If your objective is to keep track of future payments, then I'm not aware of anything other than the palm desktop, todos, datebk5, etc. If your objective is to track old payments, then pocket quicken syncs perfectly with quicken on a mac.
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    Also, I think Quicken can be set up to make Billing reminders in iCal, thus when synced, will also be on your Palm.

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