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Mini-Review: pa1mOne Treo Combination Headset and Stereo Headphones - webOS Nation Forums
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    As I know a lot of people are interested in listening to music using the Treo 650, I did an extended listening test.

    Of course this can't be a review of just the headset; the Treo 650 is involved, as well as a player. So, take a look at how I performed the test and you can decide for yourself.

    First thing I did was assemble the hardware and softwre. I used the Treo 650, the latest copy of Pocket Tunes Deluxe, and the Treo combination stereo headphones and phone headset.

    As an aside, I have used the headset for telephone conversations and I think it works just fine for that.

    For music, I used some albums that I already had ripped at work, since I am very familiar with them. These are 128k WMA files, and I normally listen at work using the built-in sound aparatus of an IBM NetVista through Koss Pro4AA Titanium headphones (hey, I'm in Milwaukee, what do you expect? :-)

    The albums used for the test:

    Boston "Boston"
    Boston "Walk On"
    Heart "Brigade"
    Chicago "XXVI - Live"
    Chase "Chase"

    I chose these for the variety of vocals, instrumentation, and I just know them VERY well.

    Pocket Tunes's equalizer was set flat, and a moderate volume was used. I could hear normal office conversation over some of the more quiet portions of the music.

    There are no obvious peaks or valleys over the frequency range, which is good. The bottom end goes down pretty far, and is not over-emphasized. The top end goes up pretty high as well, though perhaps not as high as some of the better Sony, et al, earbuds.

    Fidelty was very good, but not outstanding. However, after a longer break-in period, I expect it to smooth out a bit more. Yes, even earbuds need to be broken in.

    All-in-all, for the $15, more or less, that I paid from Dan's on ebay, I'm very pleased. No adapters to mess with is a very good thing, and they work well as a phone headset as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed. With the equalizer in Pocket Tunes Deluxe, you can tailor the response just how you like it.

    Another note concerning the jack in the Treo: like 3/4 of the other headphone jacks on the planet, if you don't use it, it'll get crackly. You can (gently!) spin the plug in the jack and that will help clean the mating surfaces a bit so you get a good connection. I wouldn't be too concerned unless you couldn't hear, speak, and hang up with this headset.

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    How does the switching back and forth between voice and music work? You don't need a switch (in addition to the answer button) like you do with the Seidio 2 in 1's, right? And can you indeed switch back to music without touching the Treo?

    Or did the last issue go away with the 650? I see that they market the headsets separately for the 600 & 650? Is this why?
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    Even though there's a cellphone built into this thing, I rarely use it. I might get one call in a week!

    So, I honestly don't know the answer to your question... I was just addressing the sonic quality of the headset for listening to music.


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