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    To those of you that have recently purchased a 650 from Spring or Cingular - Are you having fewer problems with your phone vs the early purchasers?
    I was wondering if they are working on the issues reported and not backdating fixes?
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    I don't have much loaded on mine, but I have not had any problems. I got mine from Cingular store about a week ago. I use Xpress mail all the time for pushed e-mail. I use versa mail to check mail every hour from 8am to 9pm for a POP account. I have card export that I use with my 1gig sd card. Docs to go for a couple of spreadsheets i needed to look at. Auto time enabled and just took a trip and changed time zones with no problems. Sync with desktop all the time. Battery with all of this will last me for a good 3 days with all of this.

    That help?
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    Yes thanks. I am getting the sense that the problems are being worked on and applied to new purchases. Also it seems a lot of problems are application software related and that seems to be causing the phone to be unstable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tencargarage
    ... a lot of problems are application software related and that seems to be causing the phone to be unstable.
    That's ALWAYS an issue with ANY device - palm devices in particular because so much third-party software is available, including a large amount of freeware.

    My phone will arrive today and I'm going to be very cautious and slow on installing my third-party software, of which I have a lot.
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    I bought mine from a Cingular store last week, and apart from one reboot on the first day, I've had no problems (knock on wood). That said, I've not yet installed any hacks, and only a few third party apps. I was able to get it to sync with my Mac using iSync/Palm Desktop right out of the box.
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    I got mine in the mail on Monday and I experienced all the lockups, freezes, random resets that everyone else is talking about. I just went in to switch my SIM to the 64k A. We'll see how that goes. Actually since I swapped the SIM I had a lockup with VeriChat, but I just let it go and it became responsive after about 45 seconds. App problem? Maybe.
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    not mine I got mine the first day sprint store had them, like 5 days after release in my area and it workd great, 2 weeks later compusa offering 50 GC and free BT headset took it back and got it there and now i got a crappy G key but the camera is noticable better and batt cover is tighter.

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