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    OK, before I get flamed and someone tell me that this has been written before, I just wanted to add my 2 cents - information that I was looking for and looked high and low, and just want to put it in one place.

    I, like all here was looking for a bluetooth headset that was 1) loud enough to hear in a noisier environment, 2) one that sounded clear 3) one that had good talk time. So I tried the above mentioned units. Here is just what I have found with each.

    1. HBH-660: I have been a long user of the SE headset starting with the HBH-60 (which I still have) & the 65. I never really like the volume no matter if it was a Nokia or SE phone - they just were not loud enough in the car with any road noise. I had high hopes for the 660, 5 hour talk time, yada, yada, yada. The truth, I only have gotten 2 hours MAX, it is going back to SE for a replacement, and the sound is just as low. I tried the Slick sound jells but could never get comfortable with them and they stuck way out on my face. My best solution was following another poster - the jabra ear jells - Radio Shack and cheap. This made the ear piece fit nice and snug, sound was MUCH louder and I give it a 7.5. It is now much more usable, but my ear gets soar.

    2. Cardio Scala: Well, for me, and I said for me, it was a bust. Very crackly, my worst critic - my wife and a friend of mine said it sounded “tinny” and “you sound like your in a can” - the dreaded headset review words! So, it was given away.

    3. Logitech Mobile Freedom: I did find a few comments on this headset, and the one that was the funniest was that it looked and felt like a ***** on your face I actually found that one AFTER I ordered it, but thought - whatever, it was $35 and worth the try. In all honesty, this one really outperformed the above. 1) It is more than loud enough in a noisy environment - I have to lower it actually, 2) My critics both said that it was crystal clear, 3) well I haven’t had it long enough to say on the talk time - but the 2 of 3 so far is not bad.

    Now onto the ***** comment - I guess some may think that, but you know all us bluetooth headset wearers get looks anyway. This one looks like a headset, so I have had less comments on this one that the others. Also, the windblock is awesome and it is very comfortable too.

    Now something else that I have found is this. With all the other headsets, my treo would wake up for a moment (no call coming and I did not touch it - I know others have had this) - but since deleting the 660 and pairing the Logitech, I have yet to have the phenomena to happen. I don’t know if it is the Bluetooth 1.2 in the Logitech or not, a bluetooth issue or not (I had this happen on my PDA2K), but that is a cool extra.

    Well, there you have it. I pray that I did not bore you, but personally I wish I would have read some of these things - it would have helped me.

    OH, I fogot to mention, I did try the Moto 810, it went back too.

    Bottom line, I will keep the HBH-660, but I believe that the Logitech will be my headset of choice for now.

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    Very informative post, sbdaigo. Thanks =).
    I think your post pushed me over the top as to which headset to buy.
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    Just bought the Logitech last week and like it thus far. the "*****" comment did make me look at the headset differently, but regardless it's a great headset for $35. It's not quite loud enough for me i might try the Scala before deciding 100% for sure.
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    Can you guys point me to the site that's selling the headset for $35? The lowest I'm finding so far is $42. Thanks.
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    Not $35 anymore...

    $39 and free UPS shipping is the lowest I could find.

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