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    I saw some freeware that allows people to use their Phillips Velo to do this- treat the touchscreen as though it is the desktop screen- and then do what they want..

    Like a drawing tablet.

    Is there any software like this for the Visor Handheld?

    Ie: I plug my visor in, fire up the prog on my desktop machine- and suddenly i have a tiny drawing tablet.. ?

    This would be very, very cool.
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    Not yet... but Informal Software has an app called enotate that they say will support the Visor soon.

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    Thanks for the link.

    I do remember it was from another company.. and it was freeware.
    I found this program- allowing you to use your palm as a mouse. (This would work on the Visor, right?)

    This one allows you to use your palm as a mouse (different): Remote Commander
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    I downloaded the MousePad app but can't get it to work on my Visor.

    One problem these apps may have is that the serial connection on the Visor does not have all the signal lines... only TX and RX.

    Also, part of Handspring's "tweaking" of the OS was in the SerialManager for the USB support. Most of the changes send serial requests to the Springboard port instead of the serial portion of the HotSync connector.

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