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    This used to bug me on the 600, and it is the same on the 650. If I do something that requires the Treo to initiate a new GPRS connection (i.e. not already connected), the device trys to connect but stalls out, taking the full timeout period before failing. The second try works, and very fast. Has anybody that has this same problem figured out what is going on?
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    Are you on Tmobile?
    If so, you need to call and have them reset your GPRS settings.
    I've had this issue on tmobile treo's and it was the order of the connections (Regular, then VPN) that caused the issue. Once they moved VPN to the top of the list, it connected quickly every time, no timeouts
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    No, on Cingular, but perhaps the same issue?
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    i have the same issue, and its driving me nuts...
    im also in cingular...
    im new at this palm stuff, so im clueless why it does this....
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    I don't know why it took me so long to try this, but it seems to have solved the problem. I have treohelper installed, and configured it to "drop net" in 10 minutes with green or grey arrows, and 5 seconds with lost connection. This seems to clear whatever was hanging from old connections, and I have connected on the first try ever since I made this adjustment.

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