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    I have an iMac running Mac OS 9.0.4. and Palm Desktop 2.6. I have a terrible time getting it to sync! Some times it says it it checking user and times out. Some times it get about to sync and then says it has lost connection. I try everything (resetting Visor, Zapping PRAM, rebuilding desktop and more often than not It will sync but only a complete sync if I through out either the backup or the Palm User file! Can anyone help me? The syncing has never worked every time, but now it never seems to work until I through out one of the above.
    ------John G
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    I have had similar problems syncing my Visor Deluxe with my new G4. There is a discussion thread in the ‘troubleshooting’ section that discusses some of the remedies that others have found. I tried them all and still had problems. My latest clue came from the installation instructions for the eyemodule camera.

    - Conduit Manager needs a memory allocation of roughly 1.5M + 2*sizeof(visor)
    or it will either crash or quit attempting to back up the VGA database.
    We found that setting finder allocation to 17000 worked for a Visor Deluxe
    fully loaded with pictures and VM turned on. Add 500 if VM off.

    I adjusted the memory for the Conduit Manager (Get Info – Memory) from its default setting to 17.5 MB and my Syncing problems went away. Hopefully this will work for you as well.

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