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    I didn't see a post on this, is there still the lag when a call is initiated from time to time on the GSM VERSION OF THE TREO650?

    THere are times that there is a huge gap between hitting the dial key or screen icon/button untill it actually dials. Sometimes it's so long you think the treo is locked up, or the command didn't take, so you hit the button again only to see it do the first command dial, then hang right back up from the second command.

    There have been numorous posts on this about the CDMA version of the 650 and didn't know if the GSM version had a firmware that corrected this issue?

    TIA, Matt
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    Mine did this a couple times when I first got it and installed several apps, but after a soft reset for other reasons it seems to have disappeared. Have not had this problem for many days.

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