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    Does anyone know of a good free (or cheap) texas hold'em poker game that will work well on a 650? I've been through about 5 today and I can't find anything that looks right, will not reset my treo and has no limit hold'em. A demo would be good too so I can try it out.
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    DataViz makes a Texas Hold 'em game, it's $20. I downloaded a demo, and while it's addicting, I dont think I'll spend $20 for a game.
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    i haven't tried it (still haven't even taken the Treo plunge yet, been lurking in these boards almost a month now) but this looks interesting, and it's only 12 bucks
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    I've tried the Hold'Em, Rayfield. It messed up my button configuration. IT asks if you want to use custom buttons for the game, when I said no, it set my hard heys back to default. Now i cant get my callender to switch between views at all. I can select the option to swithc, but it wont actually change between anything. I'm still on my 600 until my 650 arrives so I'm not too concerned about it just annoyed.
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    Splufdaddy, Theat texas holdem game is really a sweet one. I played the demo and I may have to drop the 20 for it. Thanks for the linkage!
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    I've been playing Salexo's No Limit Texas Hold'Em on my 650 and it's been working/playing fine. I have Dataviz's version as well, but the screen is too busy for me. Salexo's version is more easier on the eyes. Plus it's only $9.99.
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    I don't suppose anyone knows of a live game that will work on a t600? I must confess, I'm an avid online gambler (Hold 'em exclusively) and would absolutely LOVE an app that I can wager real $$ with real players.

    I was looking on the sites I usually use to see if any of them would work with my T600...but alas, no.

    I'm sure I'm just asking too much...
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    TR30 & wktaylor, thanks for providing some feedback on those Hold 'Em games - I've been wanting to get one for my Treo but was waiting to see more reviews/comments. I really like the UI of the DataViz version but $20 is a lot...but, the primary thing I care about is the game is designed with an intelligent AI. I've read some reviews where the player figured out how to always beat the AI by a certain pattern of raising/calling/etc.
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    Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit
    Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit
    by Concrete Software

    Uses Java VM. Really nice.

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    Has anyone tried the Multiplayer Chanpionship Poker from RealDice? It looks pretty sweet...
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    POKER!?! I never touched her! DOH! Awful
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    Quote Originally Posted by crc408
    Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit
    Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit
    by Concrete Software

    Uses Java VM. Really nice.

    I play this one often. Its pretty good. AI is a little weird/predictiable at times perhaps.

    I will try these other ones and post about them.
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    Rye, what's the verdict?
    I tried RealDice -- too easy. Salexo seemed pretty good, but the demo only allowed me 2 games at the easiest level so I'm not sure of the AI. I'm trying the ACES demo now. I don't want to pay for a game that will be too easy after playing it just a couple of times.
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    I've been playing the Salexo game. Pretty good, inexpensive, not bloated with tons of graphics, etc. I have to admit that sometimes the AI just leaves me scratching my head... It's not so bad that it really detracts from the play, but sometimes I just can't figure how all of the computerized hands have brain failure at the same time (and 4 of 'em stay in the game with crap, not raising, mind you, just calling on crap).
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    I have the Salexo and Dataviz ones. The AI is much better on the Dataviz one. Seems weak on the Salexo one.
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  16. #16 now has cell phone version.
    Play real people with real or fake moolah.
    Not available for Treos yet.

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