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    I've been having troubles syncing Outlook email with Versamail on my Treo 650. I'm using the default software that came with the phone, updated with 1.02 Outlook conduits.

    My symptoms are:
    • Email deleted in Versamail does not delete in Outlook 2003, even though I have Versamail's preferences set to delete off the server, and also empty the trash and select "both" when I'm asked where the delete should occur
    • Some email is duplicated on the Palm. Its not consistent, but often I end up with most of the unread Outlook email being duplicated on the Palm, which can mean that email I've deleted suddenly reapperas during the sync
    • In some rare instances (only 1 email really), the duplicate will indicate it was received on the day before the original copy was received

    I have the conduit set to synchronise both, and can't fathom what is occuring here. In addition I checked all of the Conduit, Conduit Account and Versamail Account settings and couldn't see any obvious settings that might impact this.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I'm using this in a dual hotsync PC scenario, with one PC using Lotus Notes and the other using Outlook, and the Lotus Notes syncing is working fine, as are the syncs with the Calendar/Tasks/To Dos/Memos. It is only Outlook email that is experiencing any issue. Tis getting a little frustrating...

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    Are the Outlook and Notes accounts set up as different accounts within VersaMail? Is the same VersaMail desktop software installed on both PC's?
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    Yes and yes.

    Since I posted this, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Palm Desktop software and conduits on my laptop with Outlook. Since the reinstall the new accounts always use Direct POP as the access mechanism and don't seem to recognise that Outlook is installed. This is really strange since Versamail gets the account details from Outlook just fine when starting the wizard.

    My current work around is to install Agendus mail on my Palm and the conduits on my laptop with Outlook, and use this to sync with my home mail. Seems pretty silly to need to do this though, especially since the Treo has enough memory issues without "forcing" the need to double up on email programs. Its also a feature regression since Versamail 2.71, which quite happily operated on exactly the same laptop/software configuration, as late as two weeks ago. This was before I received my Treo, back in the days when my Tungsten T3 was my primary device.

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    Not an answer that solves your problem but some info into this on my last post at:
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    So let me get this straight - PalmOne has broken what was perfectly adequate functionality in the old version?

    I don't understand. That doesn't seem to be in anyone's best interests. And it does seem confusing that it "half worked" for a while because I had upgraded from the old version without uninstalling first...


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