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    Hi, I have been using Avantgo happily for three weeks now. However, a couple of days ago, I delete all my webpages on my visor to free space for other stuff. When I sync with my PC again, the sync process upload the data into my Visor as usual. But this time, I can only see the BIG AvantGo title when I click the icon. No more webpages.

    Do you guys know why this is happening?

    I want my webpages.

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    When you 'removed' the webpages, did you tap on 'remove'? If so then you effectively unsubscribed to those channels. To free up memory but still stay 'subscribed' to all the channels, you have to click on the menu icon on the silk screen. Then under 'Channels' tap on 'Channel Manager'. There you can selectively clear channels or at the very bottom 'Select All' and then 'Clear' to wipe them all out. However, as the little paragraph at the bottom of the screen says: 'The Clear button will delete the selected channels from the device. These channels will come back the next time you sync.'

    You'll have to go back to and resubscribe to all your channels (that you 'removed' earlier).

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