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    I've been told many times that using the car charger with your cell phone kills the battery faster so it needs to be replaced sooner. Is there truth to this, and does it apply to the treo's? I am curious cause I presume that with all of the multi functions of this unit that I will get no where near as good battery life with it than a regular cell phone and since extra batteries are not possible with the 600, is using a car charger acceptable?
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    what typically kills lithium ion batteries is not charging them fully. a short charge in the car will do just that. iPods are the same, although better than they used to be, as are laptop batteries. the battery can eventually be 'fooled' into thinking a partial charge is its peak charge, so where you see a 100% read, it's really 60% compared to when you first powered a particular unit on. i don't know if running them all the way down is necessary, but full charges are a good thing. tough to maintain this if you're on the road often.
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    u may be misinformed.. search for your answer..there is a thread by a "battery expert" & links ...
    use your car charger..
    what lith ion like is topped off often..doesnt have to be all the way..
    what kills em is letting em get too low.. so charge freq... no mem effect.
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    That doesn't sound right to me either. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $are$ $no$ $issues$ $with$ $topping$ $off$/$charging$ $with$ $the$ $car$ $charger$...
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    that's what I said gfunk
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    I can tell you this with regard to my old Nokia 6160's . I bought 4 of these buggers about 3 -4 years ago and grabbed larger batteries for two of them. Two of us used dezktop cahrgers, two of us used car chargers. Within 6 months the batteries in the ones using car chargers were useless.

    When the phones were about 18 months old my wife bought a car charger and started leaving her phone in car. Over the next few months she killed her big battery, went thru her original battery and then thru my original battery. Meanwhile my battery was still working like a champ. When NY passed it's hands free law, she bought a new battery and hands free speaker-mic / car charger. Battery lasted about 5 months.

    Just about the time she bought the gands free kit I misplaced my desktop charger after a business trip and stole her old car phone would hold a charge for about 20 minutes soon after. Found the desktop thing and it wasn't able to improve things.....damage had been done.

    I grabbed a new battery and began using my desktop charger attached to a 120 volt power supply plugged into my cigarette lighter. Never a problem.


    1. The Nokias had NiMH batteries.
    2. The car chargers were aftermarket "quick chargers" from "Hello Direct" which would charge the phone faster than the desktop OEM things.
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    so jack..gueS u can't compare your exp w /treo..
    diff batts/technology.
    I used a sanyo 8100 equaLy w/ car & desk charger... had no probs after a yr .. I freq charged as rec,d (uses lith ion as does treo)... my wife w/ same phone killed her batt in 3mos cause she contantly drained it dead.
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    The real issue is your battery technology. Current batteries lik NiMH and LION do not develop short memory problems. This is a thing of the past.

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