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    I connect my Treo 600 to my laptop thogh Softik PPP, while my laptop connects to wireless CDMA network via other CDMA phone. I listen to PT flawless for streams @96K almost. I have Nokia 6230 which I use to connect my laptop to another EDGE-GSM Network and connect Treo 600 via Softik PPP. Here performance drops and not as smooth. In third way, I connected my Treo 600 thorugh Nokia 6230 as IRDA Modem connecting to EDGE-GSM network. Perormace is very poor. I get streams in minutes and for a short duration.

    At my office LAN (100 MPBS), my Treo 600 connects to Softik PPP - but no data transfer takes place at all. In office all adress start with 172.16.x.x.

    Any way to improve the performance for (1) Treo connected to Nokia 6230 via IRDA where Nokia 6230 connects to EDGE-GPS connection as IRDA Modem for Treo 600. (2) How to get throgh my office LAN to get data transmission on Treo 600 via Softik PPP. Connection is established and that's the end. While other apps like music match plays well on laptops and desktops on office LAN.

    Any help, please.

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    I had high expectatios that atleast somebody might have similar problems and may be able to technical guidance.
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    I chnaged my CDMA Phone from LG RD2130 to Nokia 6225 supporting 1x RTT. Now both my phones Nokia 6225 & Nokia 6225 connects to my Treo 600 via IR. I today experimented with "standarad modem over IR link" and "standard modem over BT link" for Nokia 6230 instead of built in Nokia modems, with original nokia nitinalizating strings. I got excellent results with EDGE network, which I could not get till date. With same Nokia 6230, instead of Nokia modems - using windows standard modem over IR / BT link as the case is, I am able to browse net flawless on my laptop as well as listen up to 56K Stereo Streaming Shoutcast Stations via same Softik PPP on Treo 600. What happened - I dont understand.

    Inspired by results, I wish to go for Treo 650.

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