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    I'm speaking in any terms. It'd be nice to see a baking calculator, one which can instantly convert from metric to standard, grams to ounces, pounds to ounces, etc. Perhaps even something that I could enter in a recipe in and it would give me to option the halve the recipe double it, etc.

    I already have the zagat program which is nice, good for traveling but its almost a waste because I rely mostly on word of mouth from my fellow culinarians.

    I'm the only one I know with a treo, or else I'd ask them, so I'd figure I'd come right to the source for some more info.

    Any type of culinary program would be nice. most appreciated.
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    I use PDA Cookbook (which also comes with a desktop client) and kCalc.

    I haven't synced PDA Cookbook to my 650 yet, so I can't speak to its compatibility yet.

    Pocket Cook Deluxe looks cool too.

    You can do a search on a site like Palmgear and turn up several options.

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    I recommend PDACookbook also. Works flawlessly on Treo 650.
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    Great suggestions

    kcalc does quite nice, and the editable conversion table should be nice once I enter in all of my info.

    will give that pocketcookbook a try later on once I hotsync.

    appreciate the help thus far.
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    Has anyone tried pocket cookbook?

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