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    Hello to all!

    Lockline is sending mt a 600 in replacement of my broken-hinged 300.


    On my old sprint camera phone, I could sinply go to and download real songs (not polyphonic "tones") to use on my phone. I'm assuming that the 600, like the 300 does not use java, so is there a way of SIMPLY finding/loading (real) songs into the 600 to use as ringtones?

    I've been reading forums about this program and that program, that you can use to manage ring tones, but all I want to know is exactly what to do to get REAL songs on the 600.

    Yes, I have a few songs I can load onto my PC from a cd or something....but I have no idea what to expect from the 600, as far as ringers goes.....I'd rather prefer going to a website from the phone itself and loading up ringtones.

    Please someone help me!


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    You will need a 3rd party program to play mp3's as ringtones (I am assuming that is what you mean by a 'real' song). Litewave? CallFilter? There are 2 or 3 that will do it for of them is only $5 bucks or something. Do a search.
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